Head of Service and Directors of OHLGS Interacts With Officers of the Public Affairs Unit

The Head of Service and Directors of the Office of the Head of Local Government Service (OHLGS) on Monday 9th January, 2017 met staff of the Public Affairs Unit for clarification on the role and functions of the Unit. The meeting afforded Directors and officers of PAU the platform to appreciate the need for collaboration in efforts aimed at maintaining the good image of the Service. Members of the Unit were also guided through the process of developing and implementing effective and efficient communication strategies. The meeting was chaired by the Head of Service, Dr. Callistus Mahama.

Highlights of the meeting included a presentation by the Head of the Public Affairs Unit on the role, current status and planned activities for the year 2017 by the Unit. Other officers of the PAU also took turns to express understanding of their respective schedules and explained how they intend to discharge their duties based on their respective schedules. The Head of Service provided officers of the Unit with a broader perspective of their role. Directors suggested ways through which the PAU can forge closer collaboration with other directorates and units.

The Head of Service, Dr. Callistus Mahama charged the public affairs officers to be proactive and liaise with the various directorates and units to ensure appreciation and reportage of all their activities. He urged them to keep abreast of vital information circulating in the media to enable OHLGS be on top of trending issues. He asked the PAU to link up with all RCCs and MMDAs to obtain information at the sub-national levels on decentralization and local governance.

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