OHLGS – FRIDAY, 31ST MARCH, 2017 (11:30am): Dr. Nana Ato Arthur officially took over from Dr. Callistus Mahama as the new Head of Local Government Service during a brief ceremony held at the premises of the Office of the Head of the Local Government Service (OHLGS). The ceremony was witnessed by the Chief Director of the OHLGS, Mr. Joseph M. Dasanah and members of Dr. Arthur’s delegation.

In a brief statement, Dr. Mahama indicated that state of the Local Government Service prior to him taking over is not the same as the Local Government Service of today. He said it has been as a result of sheer determination and dint of hard work that has brought the Service this far. He expressed optimism about the future of the Service as the new Head of Service has both the academic and practitioners experience in local government administration. He said, although his discussion with the new Head was brief, the details of the discussion is contained in the Handing Over Notes. He indicated his willingness and availability for consultation on matters regarding the Service.

In a brief remarks, Dr. Nana Ato Arthur said he believes Dr. Mahama has contributed immensely to the forward match of the Service and he is of the opinion that his predecessors has contributed meaningfully to the progress of the Local Government Service. He promised to follow through with the laudable initiatives of the out-going Head of Service and where necessary, review others. Dr. Arthur indicated that he will consult the former Head of Service when the need arises in his efforts to place the Service in an enviable position.

The former and new Heads of Service signed the Handing Over Notes.

The new Head of Service, Dr. Nana Ato Arthur officially assumes office on Monday 3rd April, 2017.

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