Reactivation of Continuous Professional Development in the Local Government Service

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is defined as education of staff following the completion of formal training. CPD consists of any educational activity which helps to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, problem-solving, technical skills or professional performance standards all with the goal of enhancing and sustaining staff performance. The global technological improvement, fierce competition and rapid change makes it imperative for staff to continuously upgrade their knowledge, skills and attitude in performing their duties. By so doing it will help both public and private organizations to sustain their organizations in a very dynamic and turbulent global work environment.

To this end the Local Government Service (LGS) in collaboration with the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS) have carefully designed cutting-edge continuous professional development modules for all categories of staff of the Service. The aim is to ensure that the Service develops and retains the best quality of staff who can help the Service deliver its mandate. The modules were professionally designed with reference to the Scheme of Service of the various professional classes.

The programme has five modules which are:

Introduction to the Local Government Administration: this module is designed to introduce participants into the Local Government systems in Ghana. It is a mandatory programme for all new entrants of the Service.

  • Certificate in Local Government Administration: the Certificate in Local Government Administration is aimed at increasing understanding of the local government structures, promote high ethical standards in service delivery and develop new skills that can be applied for improved job performance.
  • Diploma in Local Government Administration: the Diploma in Local Government Administration is uniquely designed to distinguish itself from the normal academic diploma programmes, it has been carefully packaged to meet the capacity gaps and career development goals of mid-career professionals of the Local Government Service.
  • Senior Management and the Executive Programmes in Local Government Administration: these two top-notched programmes target senior managers, deputy directors, directors and their analogous grades in the Local Government Service.

This programme is scheduled to roll out this year and members of staff are encouraged to take advantage of this fine opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in the Local Government Administration profession. Fine details and time table can be viewed in the attachments below.



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