The Office of the Head of the Local Government Service (OHLGS) in fulfillment of its mandate of ensuring the effective and efficient day-to-day administration of the Local Government Service (LGS) in accordance with the Local Governance Act of 2016, Act 936 has completed all processes towards the establishment of the Client Service Class.

Efforts are underway to recruit officers into the Class. Meanwhile, all interested staff/officers who hold a bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in any of these areas: Marketing, Public Relations, Guidance and Counselling, Sociology, Communication, Psychology, Human Resource Management, Business Administration and any other relevant discipline from a recognized tertiary institution can apply for Conversion into the Client Service Class

All applications shall be made to the Head of Service through the MMDAs and RCCs as appropriate. Applications must be presented with copies of:

       l . Educational/academic certificates

  1. Appointment letter
  2. Assumption of duty letter
  3. Most current payslip
  4. Last promotion letter (if any)
  5. Upgrading/Conversion letter (if any)

All applications must be submitted by Friday, 29th March, 2024.

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